Check Out All Our Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Events Currently, there are no upcoming events. Please sign up for our email list and follow us on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll post events on social and also here! Past Events Gresham Budget Forum – February 18th, 2021 Oregon Legislature Virtual Town Hall – January 7th, 2021 Cocoa with CouncilorsContinue reading “Check Out All Our Upcoming Events!”

Action Alert: Help Redirect Funds to Community Members in Need

On December 15th, Gresham City Council voted to make key changes to community development and COVID-19 relief budgets because the community raised its voice and advocated for more funding to the people that urgently need it. Thank you to everyone who shared their powerful testimonies with the council, and congratulations on two important wins. First,Continue reading “Action Alert: Help Redirect Funds to Community Members in Need”

Forward. Together. More to Come in the Weeks Ahead!

News worthy of celebration: As a result of our organizing and coordination, the Gresham City Council, for the first time in history, includes a progressive, community-centered majority. Together — Vince Jones Dixon, Dina DiNucci, Mario Palmero and I — will usher in a new era of fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency, and positive change in Gresham.Continue reading “Forward. Together. More to Come in the Weeks Ahead!”

Dec. 1: Gresham City Council Preview

At Tuesday’s 12/1/2020 Gresham City of Council meeting we will be discussing and voting on issues that need more input from the community. Following the list of items is how you can weigh in! Appointments: Lana Stillwell is being nominated to serve as the City of Gresham’s member to the Port of Portland’s 17-person CitizenContinue reading “Dec. 1: Gresham City Council Preview”

Nov. 17: Gresham City Council Preview

Here’s a preview for the Tuesday, November 17, 2020 Gresham City Council meeting. Among other items, this week’s discussion will have an impact on Gresham’s transportation investment priorities in the next few years. The council will be considering the following items on Tuesday morning: Two Appointments to the Finance Committee: Claire Lider and Janice Baker.Continue reading “Nov. 17: Gresham City Council Preview”

Housing and Homelessness in Gresham

Everyone in our community deserves safety and dignity. Making sure everyone in Gresham has a stable and affordable place to call home is one of my top priorities. Gresham has a housing problem – and it touches all of us. We all see people sleeping out on the street or in tent camps every day.Continue reading “Housing and Homelessness in Gresham”

How Gresham Can Make An Impact on Climate Change

Like me, you probably watched in dismay this year as wildfires burned more than a million acres in Oregon and filled Gresham with hazardous smoke. Climate change is here, but with your help our city can be at the forefront of mitigation efforts. There is a lot we can do right here in Gresham toContinue reading “How Gresham Can Make An Impact on Climate Change”

Gresham Must Balance the Budget and Protect the Vulnerable

After 14 years of borrowing from our state-mandated reserve, the City of Gresham finds itself in a shortfall. We’ll find our way back together, but we can’t continue to do so at the expense of our community’s most vulnerable. I’ll cut right to the chase: I voted no on the city’s proposed budget because itContinue reading “Gresham Must Balance the Budget and Protect the Vulnerable”

Alert: Emergency Funds for Gresham Small Businesses

The City of Gresham has received Phase 3 Emergency Business Grant funding. Please share this opportunity with your Gresham networks! The city has received $250,000 in funds from the State of Oregon to provide additional grants to Gresham businesses with 25 or fewer employees. Funding applications open on a first-come, first-served basis on Monday, OctoberContinue reading “Alert: Emergency Funds for Gresham Small Businesses”

COVID-19: Planning for Our Recovery and Resilience

Like others, you probably worry about the impact that COVID-19 has on your well being. As your city councilor, I’ll build on plans to keep our community healthy and local businesses thriving. Back in March, as the COVID-19 virus swept the nation, we started taking common-sense actions as individuals to keep ourselves, our loved ones,Continue reading “COVID-19: Planning for Our Recovery and Resilience”