• Meet Eddy

A Proven Track Record

Eddy’s life experience as an effective community organizer, successful business owner, and elected official proves he has what it takes to build a stronger Gresham. As your City Council President, Eddy has made your priorities, Gresham city government’s priorities – public safety, housing and houseless services, economic security, parks and recreation, and leading Gresham through the pandemic.

Professional Life

Eddy has been a leader in advocacy and community building for the last 18 years, including working for many national organizations dedicated to creating stronger communities by fostering economic and educational opportunities, as well as new models for community safety.

Through Eddy’s work he has gained expertise in what is working and what isn’t in communities across the U.S. And he has used this knowledge to foster and create successes here in Gresham, like building new housing for over 600 residents in Gresham in the new Rockwood Village community development project. Eddy’s commitment to building communities where we all have the opportunity is unwavering

Eddy founded his own business, Morales Public Relations, in 2013. He has faced the challenges of running a small business, including hiring and retaining employees, making payroll, and gaining and maintaining access to capital.