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COVID-19: Planning for Our Recovery and Resilience

Like others, you probably worry about the impact that COVID-19 has on your well being. As your city councilor, I’ll build on plans to keep our community healthy and local businesses thriving.

Back in March, as the COVID-19 virus swept the nation, we started taking common-sense actions as individuals to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities safe. We started washing our hands more often.  We started wearing masks. We cut back on socializing. 

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What’s Next for Gresham Parks & Rec? Let the People Decide!

We all pay taxes, but too often our communities don’t have a say in how our government dollars are spent. In Gresham, we are changing that when it comes to parks.

This year, the City of Gresham is considering using a process called participatory budgeting to allocate up to $5 million in parks funding. The city was allocated these funds after we organized and helped voters in Gresham contribute to the approved 2019 Metro Bond Refinement.

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Reimagining Public Safety: How We Can Make Progress on Police Reform

The murder of George Floyd has sparked national protests against police brutality. Gresham community members are also standing up to demand public safety and accountability.

Are you interested in a new vision of public safety? Join me to advocate for fair, transparent, and accountable community policing. Together, we can build a city where our residents feel safe and secure.

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An Opportunity for Gresham City Council

We are realizing unexpected and important shifts in leadership, policies, and laws. This is a time of opportunity for Gresham City Council.

Over the last two weeks, Gresham’s mayor, city manager, chief of police, and a planning commissioner have resigned or retired. News and social media are buzzing with these stories—and with misinformation. Gresham residents deserve honest, transparent, and accountable leadership. I am committed to giving you the facts so you can make informed choices.

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